In House Lenses


At Denham opticians, we have on site lab facilities including lens cutting in house.

This means that following an eye examination, providing they are for single vision I.e. for distance or reading, we can cut the required lenses the same day.

Great if we need spectacles made up in an emergency or not too keen on waiting several days for the spectacles to be produced.

We have serviced hundreds of patients who have benefited from this great facility.

We stock antireflective and uncoated lenses in stock.

All of the highest quality supplied by Jai Kudo our stock lens provider.

We stock prescriptions from + to -  6.00 diopters, up to a 2.00 cylindrical power (please ask in store if this is fits with your prescription).

We use a Nidek glazing (cutting) machine which takes the un cut lens, that we hold in stock in

store, and shapes it, via a sophisticated edging process, to the frame choice.

It takes about an hour for the entire process from tracing the frame to the finished pair of spectacles.

There are limitations however, the prescription range as specified above and the type of frame- unfortunately we do not glaze rimless.

We have a very popular reglaze facility. This is where, if the customer would like to keep their same frames. We would glaze the frame on site so they are not left without their spectacles for several days as would be the case in practices with out glazing facilities. It's also cost effective- customers save on the cost of new frames!

Varifocals, or sometimes know as progressives, and bifocals need to be ordered, however, we can measure the frame, if we are reglazing, order the lenses made for that frame, invite the customer in, and while they wait put the new lenses into their frames! So again reglazing is viable with out the customer having to leave their frame with us.

If someone's broken or lost their varifocals and need a replacement in a hurry, we would provide the single vision option first and then replace with the ordered varifocals once they come in.

We are very lucky, we use varifocal labs that produce the lenses from scratch and can in some cases provide the lenses the next day- coatings and prescription permitting.

In addition to speed, glazing lenses ourselves keeps our cost low and hence customers benifit from our price satisfaction guarantee- where if we can find the same quality product from a high street practice we would refund the difference.

Please ask in store for more details on the above- we would be happy to check if we have your prescription lenses in stock and happy to give you the best advice.

Other opticians prescriptions welcome also.